Gold at your fingertips


at your fingertips

Become a gold owner with the flexibility, portability and ... security of being able to hold, use or spend it anytime, anywhere. As a FLEX owner you can now barter for goods and services around the world. Open your account with us today! More and more online and retail businesses are recognizing the intrinsic value of gold and are accepting it as value for their products and services.

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Piggy Bank Confidence in knowing the physical gold is safely stored within a trust.
Transfer Transfer gold holdings to other individuals or entities as payment for goods and services.
Safety Safety through the use of distributed ledger technology and the security it provides.

Diversify Your Portfolio with an Investment in E-Gold with FLEX Group

When it comes to your investments, digital gold and silver offer you the most lucrative possibilities. FLEX is your leading digital gold platform where you can purchase gold online. Built for the smart investor, our processes for buying fractional gold or other precious metals is safe and secure thanks to our proprietary ledger technology. Not only can you buy and sell digital gold online, but you can transfer the funds to any eWallet to purchase goods and services across the world. Our platform is backed by our gold flex security for your peace of mind.

The Benefits of Digital Gold for Smart Investors

Digital gold investment is one of the smartest choices you can ever make. Investing in digital gold is investing in physical gold without the risks of loss, wastage or security. With Flex Group, you can buy gold and silver using any funding source, where your online digital gold investment is held securely in a trust on your behalf. Transferring your digital gold online allows you to use the proceeds in any online transaction. There is no minimum to how much you can buy: simply start your gold portfolio your own way.

Buy Digital Gold Online Today with FLEX

It has never been easier to buy digital gold or other precious metals. Enjoy the simplicity and convenience offered by FLEX. Get started today by making your investment, or contact our team for more at (877) 542-1567.

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Pay anybody with a FLEX account. Scan their unique QR code or enter their vendor ID number and they will receive their payment in seconds.